Welcome to the Help page, your guide to the ICFR Website.

Here you can uncover the mysteries of Hyperlinks (Just click on the underlined words).

Find the many hidden gems can be revealed by clicking the Left and Right buttons on your mouse.

What happens when you click on a button? And what the different colours mean. How to use the Ticker Tape Banner on the Rally Page

What can the Location Map tell you and how to find it, and most importantly the refresh button, how and when to use it.


When you click on a button it can take you to another page on the site.

This will open a new page in your browser with its tab at the top of the page, click on the X in the tab to close the page.

The original page on which you clicked the button will still be there with its own tab at the top of the page.


It  will open a document, usually in PDF format.

To print this document, click anywhere in the document with the right hand button on your mouse ( this is called “ right click”), then from the menu that magically appears click on the print option.

To save this document on your device, after “right clicking” with your mouse choose the save as option.

Button Colours

First the basics

For the sake of consistency and conformity, there are two colours for buttons, RED and GREEN.

RED buttons currently have no links, your mouse isn’t broken, nothing happens, except that you may get RSI if you keep clicking

GREEN buttons do have hyperlinks, which will take you to a new page on this site or a document or maybe to another website.

Buttons on the calendars

These buttons have two functions, the first is to let you know at a glance what sort of rally it is.

This button colour tells you that this rally site has electric hook up on all pitches

This button colour tells you that there are no electric hook ups on any pitches, they may have battery charging facilities.

This button colour tells you that the rally is overseas, usually in a foreign land but possibly still in UK, e.g. N Ireland.

This button tells you that the rally is fully booked, but you may be able to join a waiting list in case of cancellations,

and if you are a new member and this would be your first rally, the Rally Marshal will endeavour to make a place for you

This button tells you that there is no limit to to number of caravans that can be accommodated on these rallies

This page is under constant development, more help topics will be added to try to answer members pleas for help

Location Map

On each rally page there is a “Location” button, if you click on  it will open up a map in a new page this shows all the rally locations.

Moving around the map, this is called panning, to do this, hold down you left mouse button and moving it in any direction, this is called dragging. Notice that the mouse cursor changes from an open hand to a fist as you move drag the cursor across the screen.

Where are the Rallies?In the top left hand corner of the map you will see a square symbol with a right pointing arrow in it.

Click on this and a panel listing all the rallies will slide out from the left side of the map, click it again and it with slide back.

Click on a rally in this list, the map will zoom in an put that rally at the centre of the screen, the icon is surrounded by a white ring.

I have no idea why and it only happens on the first time you click on a rally, the map zooms to Ireland after this it works fine.

You will notice in the panel on the left there are brief details of the rally.

Alternatively you can click on a rally icon in the map, the details for that rally will appear in the left panel.

Click on the arrow next to the rally name at the top of the panel, the rally list panel will be revealed.

Zooming in or out with the + and - buttons in the bottom left corner of the map, to show more or less detail.

Alternatively you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Location Map for Touch Screen Devices

For those using touch screen devices to pan around the map place two fingers on the screen and slide them in the direction you want the map to go.

To alter the scale of the map to show more or less detail, zoom in or out with the two finger spread or pinch gesture

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Ticker Tape Operation

The Ticker Tape message banner at the top of the Rally Calendar page will automatically scroll through all the rally details in an endless loop. You can however use the Mouse Scroll Wheel to move backwards and forwards through the messages.

Just place your mouse cursor somewhere within the banner and rotate the wheel, forward to advance and backwards to return.

When you stop scrolling the banner will return to automatic mode.

For touch screen devices, place your finger on the banner and swipe left or right to advance to next message or return to previous message.

Refresh Your Website

In general, refresh is another way of describing the process of reloading or updating what is being displayed or stored.

For example, if you were on a web page, refreshing the page would bring up the most recent content published on that page.

Essentially, you're asking the site to send your computer the newest version of the page you're viewing.

The refresh button, also know as refresh option, is a function of all Internet browsers. It is used to ask the browser to send you the most updated version of the page you're viewing. You can usually find it at the top left hand corner of the browser window.

There are some situations where a refresh will not refresh everything on a web page.

In this situation, you can perform a force reload or hard refresh by pressing Ctrl + F5 keys together.


A hyperlink is a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document. Hyperlinks are found in nearly all Web pages, allowing users to click their way from page to page.

Text hyperlinks are often blue and underlined, but don't have to be.

On this site the text is black and underlined and will change to red when your cursor passes over it.

When you move the cursor over a hyperlink, whether it is text or an image, the arrow should change to a small hand pointing at the link.

When you click it, a new page or place in the current page will open.

Hyperlinks, often referred to as just "links," are common in Web pages, but can be found in other hypertext documents.

Some of the documents on this website have “Links” in the text and on pictures.

The links act the same way as they do on the Web, allowing the user to jump from page to page.

Basically, hyperlinks allow people to browse information at hyperspeed.

Getting directions from the map

First select the rally, then click on the arrow in a white diamond in the top right corner of the location panel.

The destination will be shown with a blank line above it, enter your postcode here then select the car option.

Google maps will calculate the route, there may be options shown in grey, click on the grey route to change to that option.

There are other options you can select, click on the options tab to reveal them. You can choose roads to avoid and distance units.

There are many more things you can do with the Google map, just try clicking a few buttons, you can’t break it.

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