Officers 2019 Rotary Club of Medway, District 1120


Geoff Bell

Rotary Club of Billinghurst & District, District 1145.

Vice President

Bruce Wallace

Rotary Club of Wolverhampton, District 1210.


Derek Rogers


Ted Walmsley

Rotary Club of Bury St Edmunds, District 1240.

IP president

Gwyn Weallans

Programme Sec.

Tim Sheppard

Membership Sec.

Derrick sanders


Bruce Liddle

Int. Liaison Off.

Ivan Palmer

Rotary Club of Stonehouse, District 1100 RC Wellington, District 1200, Retiring 30th June 2021

Committee Mmbr

Mike Parkinson

eClub East Anglia, District 1080. Retiring 31st Jan 2020, Dolgellau, District 1180

Committee Mmbr

Ann Hackney

Retiring 31st Jan 2021, Beeston, District 1210.

Committee Mmbr

Gerard Turley

Committee Mmbr

Alan Martin

Retiring 31st Jan 2021,Wigan, District 1285

Committee Mmbr

Richard Swainston

Co-opted committee member, ad infinitum, Ex Great Harwood & Rishton, District 1190

IT Secretary

David Shaw

Public Relations

Martin Williams

Ex Rtn, District 1080

Honorary Auditor

Mike Segon

Co-opted committee member, ad infinitum, Shipston on Stour, District 1060. Rotary Club of Bury St Edmunds, District 1240. RC Swansea Bay, District 1150 RC Didcot, District 1090

Committee Mmbr

Fran Allen

Retiring 31st Jan 2021, Devises, District 1180 Retires June 2020 Nomination Form 2020